The region and how to get here

Thesprotia is one of the four prefectures of Epirus and is located between the mountain range of Pindos and Epirus coasts in Ionian Sea. The visitor will enjoy the rich flora, the spotless beaches, the picturesque villages, the warm hospitality of the residents as well as the rich monuments and the sights.Igoumenitsa is the capital of Thesprotia prefecture. The port of Iogoumenitsa is the main entrance from Europe to Epirus and western Greece. Thesprotia prefecture has some important villages and towns, like Syvota, Perdika, Paramythia, Sagiada, Filiates and other. The tourist development was started in 1970 because of the astonishing beauty of the landscapes. Since then Thesprotia become one of the best coastal resorts in Greece.

Arillas is a small picturesque settlement, near Perdika village, in Thesprotia. Arillas allocates a small port, taverns and the beach with the dark sand and the shoal waters.

How to get here: To get here you may use your car, via the road Perdika – Igoumenitsa or use the bus services (KTEL in Greek) that connect Thesprotia with the biggest cities of Greece. Also you may come here by airplane via the nearby airports of Aktion, Corfu and Ioannina. If you drive from Europe, you must take a ferry boat from an Italian port (such as Ancona, Venice, Bari, etc.). After arriving Igoumenitsa’s port you have to drive to the area.

Distances from the area (Km)




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